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Use Pearlshare to save the best places to take with you on your travels.

Take your travels with you

Use Pearlshare to discover the best nearby places, wherever you are. Discover and use guides with recommendations by travel experts and local insiders - such as hosts and interesting people who live there.

Plan an upcoming trip - use Pearlshare to save all of the places you want to visit on your travels, adding a quick private note to yourself.

Didn’t have time to plan ahead? No problem - use Pearlshare to find great places nearby while you’re out and about exploring a destination.

The perfect way to pass on a recommendation - save places that you love as you travel, then share your recommendations with your friends, guests and fellow travellers. You can even decide who can see your recommendations.

The Pearlshare web and mobile apps let you update your guides on-the-go, so they’re always on hand.

  • Collect the places you want to recommend

  • Add comments and share your tips

  • Share your Guides with your fellow travellers via a link

I love using Pearlshare to remember my favourite places in different cities. It's very easy to use and is useful when guests ask me for recommendations!

Clare Freeman - Founder,

I travel a lot for different things, so what I find really useful about this app is that everything is contained on the site. Whether Im working, on holiday or visiting friends i can access maps and recommendations without using multiple apps and the content is really diverse. I can add my own comments really easily and it feels like information is current, which is important to me.The other plus is you can stay in contact with friends or other travellers in the way I would on messaging sites.

Caron Geary - Musician and photographer

Now whenever I find a new restaurant, park - whatever - that I love, I drop it in a Pearlshare guide. I can save details of a place, along with a personal comment, meaning no more 'what was that amazing cafe called..?.' moments!

Annabeth Murphy-Thomas - Traveller and model

Collect and share the best local places